Rearview Mirrors R+L – ATV Hunter

295.00 kr

Rearview Mirrors – Viarelli Hunter

Sure, VIARELLI HUNTER is meant to be driven in the forest and on the farm. However, it can be convenient to have a view of what’s behind you when you’re cruising around. With a pair of rearview mirrors, you’ll have complete visibility of what’s happening in the dust trail behind you as you speed ahead.


Replace the standard brake lever mount on the handlebar with a mount featuring a branching coupling, allowing you to easily attach your rearview mirrors. Alternatively, you can securely fasten them using single mounts (art. 06-0002252).


With black-coated details, they seamlessly blend in with the appearance of your ATV. Both the mounts and the “arm” of the rearview mirror are made of metal, ensuring durability and providing you with peace of mind that they will hold up well.