In 2019, the Viarelli Scrambler was launched and it quickly became a favorite in Sweden. It was so popular that we did not manage to produce enough bikes. However, now we can once again give you the chance to get hold of a perfect mix of historical forms and modern technology! The shapes, sounds and stability of the Viarelli Scrambler makes it stand out. It is only the top speed that shows that it is a moped and not a motorcycle. Scrambler comes in two colors inspired by the ’50s English motorcycle industry. Which of classic English green and matte black will be your favorite?

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– Unique moped that combines retro design with modern technology.

– 1-cylinder 4-stroke engine.

– Extra durable tires. 

– Colors taken from the 50’s English motorcycle industry.

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The life as a Viarelli owner awaits you! Here is everything you need to know to start your new lifestyle.