The popularity of Motard has grown sharply in recent years. No wonder, given how versatile and entertaining a Motard is in traffic. The new Motard is a high-performance moped that, thanks to its low weight, makes it extremely easy to handle. A Motard is basically like a motocross or enduro bike, with a similar chassis and engine. However, a Motard differs from its off-road siblings in that it has smoother tires, so-called slicks, instead of rough off-road tires. In the saddle of a Motard you can enjoy a playful vehicle for motorcyclists who like the high power in larger sports bikes. The model’s rapid acceleration and powerful brakes makes it perfect for both wheelies and stoppies.

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– Motocross/enduro bike design.

– Water-cooled single-cylinder two-stroke engine of 49.3 cc.

– Fast acceleration and powerful brakes.

– 17″ rims made of the strongest aluminum.

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