Is climate-smart, high performance and style something you are looking for when choosing a scooter? If so, our brand new Vincero Electric Lithium is the perfect choice for you. The comfortable saddle, the generous storage spaces, the low need for maintenance and the great driving capabilities will make you a happy owner. The classic and elegant shapes appeal to the most avid scooter enthusiast. Vincero Electric Lithium has been equipped with the market’s most powerful batteries and perhaps the market’s most proven electric engine, to achieve the highest possible performance. Inside the beautiful shell you have a high-tech quality machine. In other words, a superior electric scooter for anyone with high demands.

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– Portable battery with charger included. 

– Low energy consumption, only 0.2 € per full charge. 

– Large saddle and seat cushion in imitation leather. 

– Two lockable storage spaces.

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