Potenza, which means power in Italian, is an electric scooter with a lot of “bang for the buck”. With a 60V removable lithium battery and a brushless electric motor from BOSCH of 3kW, you get a powerful and nimble vehicle. Electric scooters, with their quiet engines and lack of exhaust odor has previously been less appealing for many members of the younger generation. Thanks to Viarelli Potenza’s daring design, we know for a fact that this electric scooter is a winner also amongst 15 year-olds. The front and rear direct-acting disc brakes make the journey safe also during tough driving conditions. The removable lithium battery is easy to bring with you and charge anywhere. So that wherever you are you can always resume your journey with a fully charged electric scooter.

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– Powerful and nimble electric scooter.

– Equipped with the most modern direct-drive technology.

– Rear and front disc brakes.

– Portable lithium battery.

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